I am home earlier than I expected tonight, though to one side of my computer is a large stack of handbooks and paperwork that I still need to go through. The first day was good though, for me it meant the usual paperwork, w-2’s, etc. and go through run sheets and watching a run-thru of our first show, the dreaded Scottish play.

I can’t express how nice it is to be able to walk home after work on my own again and not have to worry about every car that passes by or person coming up behind me.

This new city has a great feeling to it, as the Husband and I joked the other night, I’ve been here a week and have probably done more (socially) than I did in my two years in Cleveland. I feel more at peace with myself here already, it feels like there are more people (for lack of a better expression) like myself.

It’s the little things, like having strangers look you in the eye and sometimes say “hello” as they walk by you, or even being able to strike up conversations with complete strangers (as I last week with the girl sitting next to me at the sushi place), or having a neighbor actually take the time to stop and knock at your to introduce themselves. Little things like this make me happy, very happy.

I hope anyone who reads this will have a very happy day too.