I’ve been in my new apartment for a week now, in my new city for about a week and a half and there are so many little things that I’m thankful for.

I fully blame my mother for this; for getting me those books when I was little called “Today I Feel Like a Warm Fuzzy”. “Warm Fuzzies” and I believe the other books we had was “Today I Feel Loved” were books with lists of little things to be thankful for at any given time, and we used to use them when I said my prayers at night. Now I look back and remember that even when things were bad I could open these books and find something to be thankful for, even if the best thing to happen that day was that there was a sunrise and a sunset.

I blame these books for my annoyingly optomistic outlook on life, but only a little. It’s actually a nice thing to be able to see the silver lining in things, ends up when you can see an up-side those little things don’t bug me as much.

These are my warm fuzzies about my apartment and my new town, just to name a few.

1. I no longer can race little toy cars down the incline of my back rooms.
2. I haven’t set the thermostat about 65 degrees (and that was on the cold days).
3. I have already been part of more social moments than my entire time in Cleveland and hopefully that will continue to expand.
4. I can walk to and from work by myself and in under 25 minutes (and that’s walking, not biking).
5. I have an actual couch.
6. I can soak in my tub and not freeze anything that is above the water!
7. I have window blinds.
8. I can adjust the position of the racks in my oven.
9. It’s just so darn pretty here!
10. Target is no longer my main source of cheap groceries within 10 miles of my home.
11. People say “hello” on the street and smile for no obvious reason at you.

and. . .

11. I can talk to random strangers (and I mean full, fun, meal-long conversations at restaurants and can crack jokes with cashiers) and no one looks at me like I’m a schizophrenic!

… oh yes, and I have closets!

Hope you have some little things to be thankful for!