This is the lesson I’ve been learning over the past few weeks, it is truly okay to just do nothing. Now I’m not talking about apathy towards major political or moral issues or lethargy to the point of slovenliness, but sometimes it is okay to spend a day without achieving much.

As I sit here enjoying my nothing, I feel quite accomplished. Today I went to work for my meeting (only 2.5 hours of work today, hurrah!), scoped out the few good thrift stores in the area looking for that elusive bookcase or rug that we are still in need of, sat outside for a little bit and read while the cat rolled around, watched a mini-series type movie that I’ve been wanting to watch again, fell asleep for an hour or two, swept the floors, did a few dishes (even deep cleaned some pots and pans) and spent a while on the computer.

And yes, to me this is a succesful do nothing day! Why is my do nothing day so busy? Well, that’s just my life, but it’s been a long time since I’ve let myself just sit and watch a movie, with nothing else going on (no extra work or side projects) and there are still things to be unpacked and organized from the move that I successfully ignored, because it’s just not that imperative.

It’s great to do nothing for a little while.

And because I like to share my blessings in the thankful department, here’s a few more from this week.

I’m thankful that:
1. Somewhere in this city, someone had a concious enough to return those stolen costumes!
2. The ladies in the local knitting story recognize me by face, and almost by name (this is okay because I don’t know all their names yet too!).
3. Ravelry – helping shy people like me have a way to start to get to know people.
4. People in this town are interested in what I do for my job and what I know, even though I’m not an actor.
5. My neighbor (Deke, complete with piercings, purple hair and Zelda theme-named cats) stopped to make sure that he and his friends didn’t bug us last night when they were standing outside talking (I love thoughtfulness even in the smallest ways).

On to tomorrow!