Right before we started our cross-country trek, we stopped to see our parents. On the couple days with my folks I went shopping with my mother and grandmother, in which I think I disappointed them a little because there was not much I needed or wanted enough to let them treat me too. I let them get me a new shirt for work and a replacement pair of shoes. Then, going through one last store, I spotted a green coat. When I say green, I do not mean a forest green, a hunter green or even a variant on leaf green; I saying bright kelly green, and not normally within my scope of colors. However, I said what the heck and tried it on and a few minutes later after some heming and hawing on my part and some very adamant compliments from my relatives I had a new green coat, which lived in its shopping bag until well after we had moved in to the new city.

With a little reluctance I finally pulled out this coat to wear to a knitting group at work thinking that perhaps it would be a good conversation starter. Something along the lines of “Well, that’s an interesting color”, “I know, etc.”

However, I greatly underestimated the power of The Green Coat. This coat acted as an initiation, as it turned out to be the favorite color of the woman who had invited me; so when I went home I decided perhaps the coat wasn’t that bad and continued to give it another chance.

Since then The Green Coat has worked magic, not only has it received compliments from people at work (constantly), but within the last week it has been attracting strangers to inflate its coat-ego. Just today I was stopped by an older woman in the post office who just had to tell me how well The Green Coat went with my red (?) hair and how more fashion designers should really use such a becoming color and my favorite was another woman who shouted her compliments as I zoomed downhill on my bike. The Green Coat just seems to make people happy and in turn it is making me more comfortable in my surroundings, enough so that I don’t leave home without it on most days and am starting mourn that coat season might be over sooner rather than later.

So, thank you mom, thank you grandma for the gift of The Green Coat.

Now we all okay as long as it doesn’t form its own consciousness and try to run for office.