Some days I feel like I’m not cut out for all of this domesticity of any variety, new or old; and some days I give myself quite a pat on the back.

Today was a success on a small scale. Sure, I haven’t done all the dishes yet, and I didn’t get the table cleared away and don’t even get me started on the state of the bedroom or the car. However I did make a meal that melted away stress. Both the husband-person (as I call him) and I dealt with our own varieties of stress today and sometimes food is the best way of deal with it. For me it was great to find (through the amazing 3 new dishes I could make out of things in my kitchen already (okay, small lie I did have to run back out for real bread flour, but still) and nothing melts away tension like the energy it takes to hand-kneed bread. So by the end of the day I had a successfully made a dinner of stuffing, red potatoes and italian seasoned-parmesan pork chops and a few loaves of fresh bread.

Now, I suppose I should do something about those dishes… perhaps tomorrow.