Yes, it happened sometime this weekend I officially crossed into the later side of my 20’s and my main thought about this is, when did this happen? I feel like I was turning 21 just the other day. I find myself wondering if this is the point where I need to start feeling like a grown up? I hope not, because I don’t. I have my apartment, a job, my own car, I pay my own bills, I shop for my own food and clothes, I take care of pets… isn’t this all the things that you thought “grown-ups” did when you were younger? I’m just starting to wonder when the grown-up feeling will kick in.

This birthday I took a few moments to reflect a little too… okay I’m pretty sure I did most of this reflection while strolling down the aisle of Target, but it still counts. The reflection was just to make myself think of what I’ve done in my 26 years. There are still a lot of things left on my to-do list; books to be read, places to be seen, sweaters to be knit. But, I couldn’t help but smile at what I have accomplished. I’ve done well and finished all my current schooling, I’ve held jobs since I was 15, I’ve been successful in a career that most people fail at. But the most surprising is the person I’ve become. I look back at my shy stage (childhood), my depressed stage (those junior high years), my angry stage (most of high school) and the five hundred different “me’s” I became in college and I’m currently quite happy with the out come.

The culmination of all of this happened on Sunday night when I had my first “proper” birthday celebration in years. About ten people, most of whom I barely know came out for a little food and few drinks after work and it was a great evening. One girl made me Turtle Caramel Brownies, a few people bought me my beers, we played darts with no idea of how to keep score, complained about work, dance to Elvis, and I even got to reminisce about Iowa and tell the hilarious stories of our move to Oregon. In my head in was just about as perfect as a night could be and I couldn’t help thinking, when did I get to this point? But most of all, isn’t this fantastic?

So here’s to 26 years and I can’t help be excited to see where 26 will take me.