Iowa… it’s something I’ve come to realize that I can’t escape and yesterday proves it.

I have come to the conclusion that I can’t go more than a month without meeting someone who has lived in Iowa.

I’m almost always seated next to someone with a Hawkeyes or Cyclones shirt on whenever I’m flying.
My new boss was raised in Iowa.
Co-worker Karl (though from India) went to school in Iowa City (which has been the source of much bonding).
And yesterday after announcing who I was to the entire OSF company and stating my hometown, I had some Scene Shop guy (I think his name was Joe) find me afterwards during the reception out of over at least 150 people if not more just to tell me that he grew up in Des Moines and was excited that there was another Iowan at the festival.

I pointed this out to Karl who laughed, alot. We’ve come up with a theory that once you’ve lived in Iowa you create something akin to magnetic pull for any other Iowan’s with a 10 mile radius.

I think it’s because of our naturally sunny dispositions. I’m mean come on, who doesn’t love an Iowan?