There are many phrases that get re-said over and over again in my home. A good amount come from our favorite television programs such as “Let’s be bad guys” or “Shoosh, chatty monkey”, another percentage is yelling at the cats, also “When do you work again?” tops the bill. However my favorite to hear is “Let’s have an adventure”.

Last night, after asking “When do you work again?” and realizing we both had the same days off, we decided to jump in the car the next morning and go and see the Pacific Ocean. After 12 hours today, we have been to the ocean and back. It was amazing; so easy to realize why people believed that the world fell away at the horizon.

This is Face Rock, a person’s face rising out of the ocean. She was beautiful to behold.

And there were some beautiful things to photograph along the beach.

And to cap the adventure off…. we might have found a dragon.

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