The idea of Simple was not a radical one for me. I was not someone who had everything at their disposal. I had not been living a fast track life filled with expensive things, or posh vacations or anything of that sort.

So what got me into this whole idea? One word….


Yep knitting. I learned to knit because I needed something do while a boyfriend was away and after wandering store aisles I came across a “I Taught Myself to Knit” kit; thought, “Why not?”, bought it and headed home.

I slowly learned (and when I say slowly, it took me a few years (on and off) to really get to any skill level). I slowly realized how much work would go into making even the simplest items and how good it felt to put something around your neck or on your head that came from your own hands.

So little is handmade now. We forget that even the simplest garment bought at a store would take hours to make and because of that people have lost the respect for those things. I cannot blame them, why should we care for that shirt or dress when it will only take a few minutes to replace it?

I loved the idea of putting so much work into something, the thought that goes into making sure you have picked the right pattern, the right yarn and then caring for it, perhaps even care for it so well that someone else can enjoy it later on.

It is such a simple idea.

Take the time to do something creative and meaningful; do that thing well and take pride in the out come.