Just in time for mother’s day I got a wonderful reminder about how much my mother (and father) love me. At times we don’t always agree or see eye to eye, but it’s nice to know that their world stops when something goes wrong in my life.

Though they drive me crazy… alot. I’m always astonished how they can be level headed, rational and unconditional in their love for me. I don’t think many people have the chance to say that. My parents gave what opportunities they could, but paved the way for opportunities I could give myself as well. They pointed me in the right direction, but let me make my own mistakes. They are respectful of my ideas, even though they often don’t share my point of view.

One of the craziest things I’m thankful for is that they were never afraid to tell me when I was in the wrong and because of that I can believe it more and more when they say they believe me to be right.

Their only expectations of me were to be happy, healthy and attempt to be the best person I could…. oh and to have health insurance.

I don’t want people to believe we’re some kind of shiny, happy, perfect family… but every now and then I just have to admit that they kind of rock.