I apologize to anyone who has to be with me in anything high-up and moving. I will always freak out a little and sound like I’ve spent a little too much time in Minnesota.

This a link to a video of B and I in the sky rail pondering our inevitable doom.

This is a transcript of the two main conversations.

B: Can you imagine having six people in here?
M: No!
B: That’s the maximum load.
M: That’s horrible.


M: (freaking out) It goes faster this way I think!
B: (calm and reasurring) No just for this little jaunt until the next car hits the …
M: (still freaking out) Until it stops and we plummet to our deaths!
B: That’s a long way down.
M: Uh-huh
B: Yeah… you won’t survive that fall… that’s for sure.
M:That’s reassuring. (Taking camera) He’s not very funny.

This adventure was from B and I going into northern California to see the Redwoods and some more of the ocean for a First Anniversary Day Trip