I am proud to say that my clothing now takes up only one half of our rather small closet! I have paired down my clothing, getting rid of so much of the “well one day I’ll wear it” or “I’ll just wear it around the house” or the “what was I thinking”. Admittedly this has been an ongoing project since about October and I am probably down to about1/2 of what I had before. Since I have a set wardrobe for work, I haven’t needed so much of a variety of clothing to begin with and I have only been wearing my favorites on the chance I do something other than work, which is rare.

It might, and I stress the “might”, be nice to have enough of a selection to go a month or more with out wearing the same thing. But, to be honest, having too much makes me feel a bit guilty and spoiled and having just enough is just fine for me. Now I don’t foresee my self ever going down to a weeks worth of clothing; that kind of idea is too extreme for me. But I do want to focus on quality over quantity. Now that keeping up with fashion for school or work isn’t as important I don’t need an ever changing wardrobe. I want things that look great and will last. These crazy, “simple” ideas of mine aren’t about denying myself of things, but rather making sure that I have what I need and not any more than that.

Ah, the bliss and zen of the clean, organized closet.

However, that being said. Does anyone know where I can pick myself up a sugar daddy so I can afford these good, quality pieces that I’m pining for?