The point of this post is really just for me to mention something I’m proud of.

I survived…. the dentist.

Now, let me clarify. I survived my first trip to the dentist since the (I think) December of 2005… Yep a whole four years. Now this part I’m not proud of, though I had my reasons. Living on 10 dollars an hour with no benefits does not allow you a lot of room for things like all encompassing health insurance. But now, I’m making more and for the first time I have my own insurance.

I feel like I reverted back to around age 7 going to the appointment, but apparently the dental gods smiled on my bravery and I got blessed with a great “nurse” and dentist. They both understood my reasons, explained things clearly and didn’t take one look at my mouth and sentence me to dental hell. I knew I was at the right place when K took one look at my mouth and said “Wow, you have a really small jaw”. Yep, I do have an incredible small jaw/mouth and for once someone took the time to realize this. It sounds silly, but after my last dentist used to try to cram what felt like an entire circus in there, its nice to have someone realize when I tell them “That’s how far my jaw opens” I’m telling the truth and work around it so I don’t come out of the appointment with bruises (true story and you should have seen me after the wisdom teeth incident, I looked like I had been in Fight Club).

But I survived. I have to go back in a month for one of my two rounds of fillings (a couple cavities and a broken tooth) and am actually looking forward to my six month check up.

And that is my proud moment for the week.