Now that we’re feeling settled in our new home, and have the promise of being able to stay here for a little while, I have been starting to reflect on goals for my self, the husband and our home in general.

We’ve been working on things like weight loss and fitness. We have even reached the recent goal of purchasing the new bed (which is heaven and is currently my favorite spot in the house). However most of our goal remain tied to finances. We have the regular debt like our student loans and our car, but we still have the remain debt on one credit card and small loan we took out for our wedding. Out goal is to have these two debts erased by next April.

We have plan, a tight budget that allows us so much money for any extravagances (like movies or a pizza for dinner) and that is a fairly small amount, with the majority of our extra income going towards paying off large sums of those debts. However, it is not fun living on such a tight budget and if our fitness/weight loss goals are reached in the next few months there is going to be the necessity of new, better fitting clothes, etc. I’ve recently been thinking of ways to counter this, i.e. still paying those large sums, but still having some of our income to enjoy and the only way I can think of at the moment is an extra job. Something small, ideally only about twelve hours a week, but that way the money from the extra work would be going towards the debt (and perhaps a little more of ours to even things out and reach goals).

This is the only way I can see use getting rid of the last of our debt, without having to pinch every penny. The way I calculate things even if the said job only brought in 60-80 dollars a week, over a year that would pretty much pay off our entire debt and then some and allow us to have that equivalent to enjoy ourselves. So it’s either don’t work extra and have nothing extra for ourselves or work extra and have extra for ourselves but less time to enjoy it.

I’ve got one more month of crazy crunch time at work to consider this and then we’ll see. Advice would be welcome.