For the last few weeks in between work and the rest of life I took some time out to do a little project for a website called Craft Hope. A project started by a few wonderful ladies who wanted to find a way to combine something we all love to do with doing good for others.

Their recent project was to send hand made dolls to an orphanage in Venezuela, so I made these three ladies.

In all the project probably cost me $20, including the cost to ship them; and this was only because I had cleaned out my craft/sewing things so much I needed to re-stock on batting, etc.

It was great fun and I can’t wait to see the pictures of what they do with the 300+ dolls they have received (which I believe was about 240 more than they needed). I will definitely try to do their next project!

Soon to come is a knitting update!

P.S. Project 3 is up on the website! I will be stash busting a lot of my yarn to make a few things!