I’m sorry this post will take some knowledge of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing“.

Now normally I won’t share too many stories of work out of courtesy for my co-workers, and maintaining a sense of professionalism. However tonight was too damn funny!

After Claudio, Don Pedro and Leonato have finished planting the idea of Beatrice’s love in Benedick’s head they leave him to mull things over. In our version, Benedick dives into a fountain in order to keep hidden (that in and of itself is hilarious) and the comes up for air after they’re down and monolouges while the trio goes to get Beatrice to “bid him come into dinner”, all the while Benedick is supposed to stay in the fountain.

Tonight our Benedick decided to leave the stage early, walking out of the theatre for his quick change into dry clothes. This also left our Beatrice standing onstage trying to figure out what to do. All the while people backstage are trying to get him to go back onstage, while the actor is maintaining that he is done and needs to change is clothes. This goes for a while until another actor manages to reach Benedick and just shouts “Go back on stage!” This snaps Benedick out of his trance and he goes back on stage, finishes his monologue (which the other character is not supposed to hear) and then reseats himself in the fountain and they continue on with the scene as if nothing had happened.

It might not be as funny this way, but rest assured it was a hilarious night at this theatre!