I might be in the middle of my first ghost experience at work… and I’m thrilled.

For the last couple months my cast and I have been experiencing what I’ve taken to calling “The Bowmer Noise”.

The Bowmer Noise first began about 3 months ago and scared myself and about 5 other people half to death. We were all standing offstage together when suddenly, from directly above us we hear (loudly) the Noise.

The Noise has only been accurately (repeatedly by different people) like heavy duty metal cables snapping. It reminds me of disaster movies when something like the Golden Gate Bridge is broken in two and collapses into the water. It caused us all to immediately stop what we were doing and look directly up. We all all afraid that something, something very heavy, is has broken away and is crashing up in the catwalks. It is that loud, strange and frightening of a noise.

But nothing happened, nothing came crashing down and we were safe. We put it out of our minds as a fluke.

But then it started happening more. About once a week, always in the same place in the show the Noise would occur. We began to get used to it, but it was getting annoying.

So one day, after the Noise happened, I marched downstairs to ask someone on headset to tell whoever was in the catwalks to knock it off because it was getting annoying.

Only one problem…. there is no one in the catwalks during our show…. at all.

So we all described the noise and the assistant stage manager told us not to worry, it was probably a moving light hitting the railing.

A few days later, we’re all up on the same side of the stage with the ASM at a different point of the show and the Noise happens. The ASM turns to us, with the same look I’m sure I had on my face the first time I heard it, and says “That’s not a moving light”. All the while I’m saying, “That was it! That was the noise!”

So for the past few weeks we’ve been trying to catalogue the noise, when and where it occurs and we’re quickly ruling out things. No one is up there, there are no light or sound cues, etc.

Comes to today. We haven’t had this particular show (the only show where The Noise is being heard) for over a week. Now I have been in this theatre working on different shows all week, and I mean all week, 8 – 14 hours a day. In 5 days I’ve been there a total of over 50 hours. No one has heard the Noise… until tonight.

Comes tonight show. The usual spot comes and we hear The Noise. This is becoming normal and no longer scares us..

Three scenes later, this time I’m by myself waiting for a quick change, up a flight of steps offstage, same side of the stage. Coming from a spot on the wall where there is just wall and some metal bars I hear two rhythmic metallic clangs… Clang, clang. This new noise has never happened and has come from a spot about 15 feet in the air where there is no one and practically nothing.

About three scenes later, I come to the same side of the stage where about 6 people are waiting to make an entrance and they all turn to me. They’ve all heard the Noise, at a completely new point in the show. They are all people who have heard the noise with me before.

The ASM tells me a few minutes later that they’ve ruled out all but two possibilities…

It’s the air conditioning, that only makes The Noise during one show (out of 4), usually during one scene (out of over 30).


We have a ghost and tonight he’s making up for having so many nights off.

Oh… did I mention the play we’re doing is “Macbeth” and the Noise normally occurs every time the first witches’ prophesy comes true.

Oh yeah… it’s totally the air conditioner.