and the EPIC FAIL.

We had no expectations going into the movie…. but come on!

~The best parts in the movie were in the previews
~There was no climax, no amazing fight scenes
~We didn’t care that Dumbledore died! Not one bit! (and both of us cried buckets when we read the book)
~To put in Snape at the last minute to say “Oh yeah, I’m the Half Blood Prince” does not count as plot synopsis!
~The woman wrote the books to teach children about growing up, life and death; you can’t or atleast shouldn’t side step around these things!
~We are not supposed to know what Draco is doing!
~We are supposed to be wondering about Snape’s intentions: not wondering where the heck he is!

~The 6th book is about Snape, accept it. It’s called Harry Potter and the HALF BLOOD PRINCE not Harry Potter and Dumbledore Go For A Walk!

Okay… well, I could go on, but I won’t…. gah! I’m just disappointed.

I’m going to reread the book now, so that I can’t enjoy it more.