So here in Oregon I’ve been fortunate to find a kindred spirit of sorts… or atleast one that shares my love of what we call “grandma crafts” namely knitting, embroidery, cross stitch… etc…

We’ve decided to set up a joint booth at the annual work Craft Fair this winter, and are currently trying to figure out what we will be making and selling. It is around the holidays so we want to focus on things people would be inclined to buy for the holidays and we want to keep the items relatively small (for quick production) and cheap (the goal being nothing in the booth over $10 at the moment) as we think lower prices will encourage purchasing.

So with this in mind we’ve been throwing out ideas and I’m interested to what anyone reading this might say. Mainly I’m curious the kind of things you would purchase at such a place for the holidays. Ornaments? Presents for children? Stocking stuffers? Inexpensive, but nice presents for not as close friends and acquaintances?

Here are some of our possible ideas at the moment-
+Knitted Scandinavian patterned mittens for children
+Present Decoration items (fancier labels, bows, beaded letters, etc.)
+Paper ornaments (like origami or Moravian stars)
+Small embroidery items for ornaments
+Slightly larger embroidery items to go on walls or for other types of decoration
+Hand Embroidered Holiday sayings (size, see above) with Holiday greetings in different languages, or quotes (like Dicken’s “God Bless Us, Everyone kind of thing)

Would you purchase anything like this? If so let me know, if you have any other ideas or opinions or advice let me know! I believe we have either 2 or 3 days to sell if that helps either.

P.S. I’m just asking for suggestions, not promises to buy or anything like this. Whatever we make will be sold only at this local craft fair.