I’m am hesitant to bring up anything political on this because I know I have friends and family that don’t see eye to eye with me on everything. I felt particularly moved to share this article I was given by an old co-worker via facebook about the healthcare debate.

“The Good Samaritan and Health Care Reform”

I am for a more socialized healthcare system because I know what its is like to be without insurance and trying to survive on what hovered around approx. double the poverty line (which is currenlty defined somewhere around $8-9000 dollars a year in income) paying all my bills, my own college debts and not relying on credit. I was not slacking off in these jobs, I was sometimes working 60 hour weeks, using my college education and more, but the jobs I could get simply were not good enough to offer health insurance. To me health insurance was a luxury. I know the fear that I felt at the prospect of getting sick or injured. A few years ago, when I was still under my parents insurance I like an illness go for a very long time because I was afraid of the bill. But this gentleman describes it in such simple terms, we should have it because it is the right thing to do.

I think we loose site of this (whether we consider ourselves Christians or not as he says). There are somethings that you should do just because it is the right thing to do; not because you will be rewarded, or recognized or even thanked, but because as a human being has a fundamental right to be treated humanly.

Down in the comments a person who identifies himself as a Christian preacher RSFJ says “The two things Jesus did in his earthly ministry before the Passion was to teach – and to heal. And he did a lot of that. We are called to do the same.”

Christian follower or not I think alot could be accomplished in the world with the simple practises of “teaching and healing”; to that idea this sometimes-Doubting-Thomas would like to say an “Amen”.