A few recent stories about my Ghost Noise aka probably the Air Conditioner aka a Ghost

1) My coworker H has been waiting for weeks to hear the noise. She has been patiently waiting for an evening show, as for the last few months the noise has only been occuring at night. The night finally comes and we’re waiting…. and waiting…. the section where the noise usually happens comes and goes, minutes go by. H decides she’s waited as long as she can and need to go downstairs to get ready for the rest of her quick changes. She gets up and walks down the stairs…. Que Ghost Noise. H is about half way down the stairs and the noise goes. She runs up just in time to hear it, her eyes wide. We all have a laugh about our tempramental air coniditioner.

2) The next week comes and Stage Management is really taking us seriously now. One of the stage ops has been asked to walk the grid and try to figure out the noise. Noise spot #1 comes and goes and suddenly we hear it, not as loud as it usually is. Stage ops guys comes down from the grid. He didn’t hear anything while he was standing directly above the noise.

3) Stage ops guy is determined to hear the noise that night in Noise spot #2, is determined to run over to the other side of the stage after a hand off. We all assure him that he’ll definitely hear the noise then. Noise spot #2 is approaching, stage ops guy is still downstairs. I start to do a quick change with lead actor and other actor. Noise #2 goes off early and loud. And when I say loud I mean we could hear it clearly on the other side of the stage. Scares lead actor. Stage ops guy comes up stairs about 30 seconds later. He’s missed it, Noise spot #2 came much, much earlier than it has ever been.

4) Two days ago… now the big guns have been brought in. Nearly all of the crew and half the cast has heard the noise. Our TD (technical director) has come in specifically to figure out the noise. For Noise Spot #1 5 extra people have come upstairs to hear it for the first time. Noise goes off, once again a little quieter than normal. TD is in the grid, barely hears it. Now he is determined and waits on that side of the stage the entire time to hear Noise Spot #2. Once again I’m on the other side of the stage… and yep… Noise #2 goes off and once again we can hear across the stage.

TD has now officially heard it…. along with the entire crew, including people (the TD included) who have worked here for years. No one has ever heard it before… no one has any clue what is causing it. TD doesn’t think it’s the air conditioner.

We have one last guess… that the outdoor show next door has sound ques loud enough to cause things in the grid to rattle. So Sunday evening I have a different show that shares an evening performance with the same outdoor show. Logically if it is the outdoor show I should hear that noise during my other show. If I don’t hear it during the other show…. well I think most of us are officially out of other possibilities.

…. yeah it’s totally the air coniditioner.