with money (most of the time).

A few months ago I posted about some financial worries and I am happy to report that they are easing, considerably.

Since moving in January we’ve managed to balance our budget, and make some serious dents into becoming debt free.

Today we finally finished the battle with a line of credit that shall remain nameless, after months of working out one count of fraud on the account and more mistakes made the company than I like to think about. We are done! We are done fighting them to correct their mistakes (it helps that the husband works for the unnamed company) and we paid the last chunk that we were responsible for! The card (which was canceled many months ago) has officially been destroyed and said husband has pronounced me the Queen of All Finances.

We’ve cut our only credit card total in half since about April! The move is officially paid off and we’re just working on getting rid of what was there before essentially (which was a large car repair and some job related expenses)! This should be paid off by the end of the year at the latest and we’re very excited!

After that card is done, we’re still deciding whether or not to keep it, there are a lot of pros and cons to each side of the credit argument. After the card is done by the end of the year we move on (snowball effect is awesome) to the bank loan and I have lofty goals to have that finished by next year.

So things are looking bright. Hopefully this time next year I will report that we are pretty much bad debt free (I say bad debt free because we will still have “good” debt, the student and car loans to work on).

I have to admit, I’m incredibly proud of this… The husband and I are only 26 and unlike most of our peers are not dependent on our credit cards, etc. We eat well, have a nicely furnished (mainly thrifted of course) apartment, do a little traveling, entertain ourselves, give to charity, give gifts and maintain our health all with in the means our jobs give us. It’s looking like by 30 we could actually be free of debt (other than those pesky student loans) and seriously working towards the long term goals of ours of retirement and home down payment savings and perhaps be able to “afford” those kid-things everyone has been asking to have in the future.

Pardon me while I go be financially smug for a little bit.