and my fingers are starting to itch.

For the first time in about and month and a half I was able to start up the stove and make a proper meal with out kill everything and everyone in my lovely non-airconditioned apartment.

Something in the back of my head clicked… it’s almost fall, my favorite time of year. Though it might be outstripped by winter this years as it will be the first full winter we’ll live in The Valley and I know I be relishing the Valley Winter tradition of watching it snow just slightly up the mountains, but not having to deal with it in the city. Coming from a place where a 10 foot snow drift is nothing out of the ordinary this concept made me and the husband ecstatic for about a week solid earlier this year when we first discovered it.

Essentially Fall and Winter give me a reason to be completely me and do all the little things I love to do.
~Cook and Bake non-stop.
~Decorate for every holiday occurring from October to March.
~Wear lots of layers (I wear layers even in 100+ degree summer weather because I feel the most comfortable my outfits consist of at least two layers; I’ve even been known to put on two tanktops just to feel covered on sweltering days)
~Get out THE GREEN JACKET and yes, relish in the attention it attracts
~Make things to my little hearts content
~Spend days and nights under blankets (again with the layers) watching every movie and reading every book I own
~Putting more blankets on the bed (I think I have an obbsession with layers, even in the non air-conditioned summers I like to have a sheet and two comforters on the bed at all times, just in case we suddenly shift into the next ice-age over night I think)
~And to my husbands dread the months are ticking down to that lovely month/month and a half when its acceptable to play Christmas music … all the time (Ben loves the music, but has to listen to it all day at work in the store, so I try not to play it a lot when he’s home from a long day of pre-holiday panic).

~A new one for this year that I’ve actually been slowly planning since April is going to be the Halloween costumes (I used to love planning my Halloween costumes! But got out the habit in a combination of years of helping people play dress up every day and years of living in places that you didn’t go outside of in the dark). Here in the Valley Halloween is apparently akin to Mardis Grais in its devotion. Now all I need to do is convince Ben to let me paint the car blue and put a label on it that says “Police Box” and we’ll be good to go…

I can’t wait. =)