… if you really want something to happen, just go out to dinner with your family.

Really, really!

My parents and grandparents arrived on Monday evening and it was fantastic.

Tuesday was a little bit less fantastic. I got a call at work from the husband with a request/announcement. A lot of money would soon be leaving our wonderfully balanced bank account due to half of a very large and very necessary dental bill. I shuddered at the thought. “Bye, bye financial buffer for my work off-season this fall. Looks like I will be having to find a bunch of work.” It wasn’t as bad as it could be. We had the money avaliable and for the first time in the 1.5 years we’ve been married an emergency like that didn’t have to go on credit, we had the money and are quite proud of that.

So with the idea that we only had a hundred bucks in our account to last until the next paycheck we went out to dinner with my family. We got in the car and his phone rang, it was his boss at work with a message. “The big boss just called, you’re in line to be getting a promotion in the next month. You don’t know this though.”

We celebrated in the car on the way to dinner; we’ve been waiting for this promotion for about a year and now it was on the horizon and medical bills be damned for now.

The next day after many adventures with my family I pick up the husband from home so he can join us for dinner and a movie. We get in the car and the phone rings again. It’s the boss again “The big boss just called again. You’ve got it and he’ll be calling you tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know and remember, you don’t know this.”

We celebrate big time, it’s officially happening. Pay increases, salary and all these lovely things we might be able to do swim in front of our eyes.

The next morning we are meeting at our apartment to go out for lunch and the boss calls “The big boss needs you to call him right now, good luck.” Husband calls the boss and in a few minutes it’s official. He will be starting at his new store tomorrow and will be running it in a few weeks. His salary (now a salary and no longer hourly on commission) will double what he makes and we feel a weight lifted off our shoulders.

For the last year we came up with a number, not that big, but enough that we could live comfortably on if we reached it. Enough to pay bills, save more, go to the movies and increase the amount we’d spend on rent (allowing us to finally move into something that is not an apartment complex)… We got the initial numbers from the boss and we will now be at that goal, a goal I didn’t see coming for about two or three years.

Thank you to everyone who might have said a little prayer for us in the past. We feel like our hard work has been rewarded.