… the year of charity.

I’ve found myself doing alot more for others than I have in the past and it’s surprising me how quickly I jump to those kind of occasions whether it’s a little craft project or contacting people all around the country for a very special care package.

Today though was my fastest act of charity yet.

11 a.m. – I awake to the sound of sirens and the smell of smoke. Run outside my apartment barefoot, to find that the apartment (the single one detached from the rest) is on fire. Smoke is pouring out of the windows.

12 p.m. – Fire department is gone. I’ve listened to spectators try to convince the police that it’s a serial arsonist and redirected others people from my building that “no, you can’t do your laundry now. didn’t you notice the laundry build was on fire? along with someones home?” and talked to too many people who just didn’t seem to care. Disappointing to say the least.

1 p.m. – After taking a breather I return to find my landlord and a person from the fire department waiting for the woman to return from work. The landlord has announced that she will be letting the woman stay in a currently vacated apartment in the complex until hers can be fixed (mostly heavy smoke damage, but most of her possessions are not salvageable). They open the apartment they’ll offer her when I say that I have some extra things that she’s welcome to.

1:30 p.m. – Myself and one other girl from the complex have given this now almost homeless woman what we could. The girl gave some food and extra pots and pans. I scavenged my closets and had finished setting up
my old air mattress, w/sheets from our old smaller bed that were headed to goodwill, pillowcases, two thicker blankets,
soap, shampoo and conditioners,
a few razors,
bathroom towels,
kitchen towels,
salt and pepper (in shakers),
a small mixing bowl,
some cooking utensils,
a garbage can, garbage bags,
a litter box with litter and a small bag of cat food (for the cat we’re pretty sure got out that morning and survived)
and an assortment of non-perishables from my recently stocked pantry.

All just stuff we happened to have a little extra of or just enough of to give away.

My landlord cried and gave me a hug the next time she saw me.

The woman is now settled in her temporary home, set up with the Red Cross and has at least a few little comforts to make tonight bearable and is very thankful she didn’t decide to stay home sick from work today.

I feel quite good and will now continue to keep a few extra things lying around the house, just in case.

p.s. if you go to the gallery on the website, you can see my back as I talk to my neighbors. On picture 5 you can see me, in the grey, looking back at the camera. The girl in the white was the one who saw the smoke as she was pulling in the driveway to move into her new apartment