For the record let me start with saying “I am exhausted”, but it was worth it.

For some reason we decided that today would be the perfect day to combine three things, seeing an old friend, church and work. That combination makes for a very long day in this household. We were up at 7 to get to church (a new one we’re trying out in order to figure out a balance between what the husband and I were raised, which are quite different), right after church we hustled off to breakfast as an old friend of mine was stopping to see us while driving to a conference, then it was time for me to go to work. This was all before noon for me, the husband still had to go to work around 3 until midnight.

However tired we are it was worth it. It was great being able to catch up with someone I’ve known since high school, when this guy unofficially adopted me as the little sister he never had and it hasn’t changed almost 10 years later. Work was well… work, but nice and easy and it felt good to be done for the week. Church was great, we’re currently trying out a local Episcopalian church as a crossroads between my Methodist and the husbands Roman Catholic upbringing; luckily we’re blessed with families that only really care that we have faith and are finding some way, some where to worship. Even though it was slightly new to me, it was more familiar to the husband, the service had a wonderful meditative quality I’ve never experienced before in my protestant upbringing and though I didn’t know all of the correct responses and when to stand and kneel, etc., it was a great experience. The congregation was quite funny as we stood out like sore thumbs being the only people at the early service under the age of 30 we had to introduce ourselves. The elderly man in front of us smiled to us and then to his wife while saying “What do you know? Young people!” You have to imagine this in your most stereotypical “old person” voice to get the full effect; the gentleman was about a step away from a knee slapping and a taleabout “them good old days”. Though the best was having just about everyone, including the priests tell us “You should come to the 10 o’clock service its more fun.”

All in all it was a good day… now excuse me while I go sleep for about 12 hours.