Ahh we are adjusting… again.

The new position is keeping B. super busy for the next few weeks, but it’s worth it in so many ways.

However it’s come with a need to revamp our current system of doing things. My method of running errands still needs to change considerable as I don’t have access to the car most days. Though this is only a minor inconvenience and it’s already has it’s benefits. I’m spending less because I just can’t get anywhere as often as I used to and another trip “into town”(which is now B’s commute) just seems wasteful if it’s not necessary.

Our day to day life is still adjusting too. My hours at work are decreasing with my imminent scheduled work “break” coming up in just a little over a month. which has actually helped us rearrange our days. We’re both getting up earlier and going to sleep earlier. I’m spending more time in my home and therefore have been more inspired to work on things at home, like my enemy – daily cleaning.

For me this is all getting me ready for this winter when my work break will go into effect for about 3 months. At first the plan over this break was the old plan, find a job-any job and hope that it pays the bills. Well, the pressures off for the bill paying stress for the first time ever thanks to the promotion so the hubby and I sat down last week to talk about what I’ll be doing.

First things first it does looking like I’ll be getting to travel home for about a week in the beginning of November! Yippee!

Now, to my longest friends and probably my family too this will sound a little crazy coming out of my mouth, but it’s true. I’m going to primarily focus on being a “housewife”. I’ll give you a second to pick your jaws up off the floor to explain a little further.

Good? Okay.

First things first, I will be trying to get a job, so kind of job because I go stir crazy without “work”. But I’m going to be limited in this because I don’t have regular car access, but I have my options.

I will also be trying to volunteer my time at the local library, for reasons I’ll disclose later.

But the main reason is simply, I need to focus on B. right now. He’s taken on a lot of responsibility and with that comes stress and a lot of hours put in on the job. So I offered to “play housewife” and for the months I’m off from my regular job I will be focusing more on being the keeper of the home so that he doesn’t have to worry about all that stuff in addition to working 50-60 hours (did I mention these are holiday hours in retail?). I’m going to to take it on myself to keep the house clean, clothes laundered, meals prepared to help him out right now.

And, to be perfectly honest I’m really looking forward to it. There is small list of things I want to get better at where the “home”-front is concerned and I’m hoping that I can use this time to develop more of these skills.

Okay, okay you caught me I have my selfish reasons too. I will admit that wants to take these couple of months as a complete vacation from my usual line of work to get re-energized for the next season. And the holiday-loving part of me wants to use this time to make this increasingly special; I want to cook too much food, make special presents, I want to decorate every inch I own, I want to volunteer and give back.

So wish me luck into my first foray of housewife-dom.