I love it when I can fill the day with things that make me happy. I do try to do this to some extent every day, but lets be honest days tends to fill up quickly with things like stacks of dirty dishes or laundry or other people’s laundry.

Today was a day that was nicely balanced. I went to church again! The Reverend at this parish (I’m still learning Episcopal lingo so this might be wrong) is a such a fantastic speaker and I truly enjoyed her sermon on religious acceptance today. It was something that I think a few people I know need to hear, that the Bible says it’s alright to accept people serving God who don’t follow the same path as long as they are doing good in God’s name. It also had a nice little message about not picking and choosing what you’re going to take literally.

I did have to spend most of the service staring at the back of the head of the girl who plays Anne Boleyn in our recent production of Henry VIII. I found it ironic and amusing to be staring at the person (indirectly of course) that caused the Anglican (and therefore the Episcopal) church to be founded just sitting in church. Of course I’m a history nerd and only about 50% of the people I’ve told this too have found it amusing.

Then it was off to lunch with a friend who was coming through town again. We talked about all sorts of things, including trying to remember our high school teachers… didn’t do too well on that.

A walk home and a nice nap capped off the afternoon and then I had to return to work.

Almost a complete and serene Sunday. But good enough for now.