After a long weekend comprised of work, church, two traveling friends visiting, hours of talking and one nasty case of food poisoning I have been in need of some “me” activities.

These are the things that have made up my morning thus far – Ripe Banana’s ready to be made into bread, my morning staple of Dr. Pepper and my newest undertaking!

I’m currently on my way to becoming a student mentor at my local highschool. The ASPIRE Program works with junior and senior students from all walks of life in pairing them with adults who help them make better decisions when it comes to college and post-high school careers. They were looking for someone with experience in the arts and I signed up yesterday! Apparently this program has increase it’s percentage of students going on to college or vocational training from around 68% to 89% percent in just over 5 years. I’m very excited about this and it should help fill up my days this winter nicely.

Oh, and the bread cover? I got the blank bread cover from my mother in a huge package of crafting goodies a few weeks ago and that was the first thing that I’ve finished and well… I think it’s pretty. The designs are from a Dover book of Charted Swiss Designs a fantastic resource that I picked up for about $.50 at the Goodwill a few months ago.

Hope everyone else has had a good morning!