I had such high hopes for my baking exploits yesterday, but as life has loved to teach me through out my short time on earth – You don’t always get things right on the first try.

Well, technically this wasn’t a first try. I had used this banana bread recipe many times… just not with so many interruptions.

To make a long story short… don’t forget the baking soda. I ended up with two bread loaf shaped things sputtering in a pan of butter slowly turning into to rubbery teases of what should have been two perfectly good loaves of bread.

The next part of the story made short is … always make sure you have enough butter, especially if your nearest source takes you 30 minutes to get there and back again. So I found the substitution for butter, which is apparently shortening and salt. Making my final loaf of bread and while it’s in the oven realize that I had used too much shortening and salt in my frustrated calculations.

Atleast the end product there was a familiar sight of what appeared to be banana bread. The end product is a little salty, but edible.

Oh well. At least all the bananas are gone now.