There is so much going on in and around my little world right now.

So many people I know who need prayers, thoughts and any type of good wishes that can be sent their way.

People who need gifts of time, resources, patience, love and healing.

People who need a good, clear message about the next direction in their lives.

For me I am fine and feel lucky to be able to say so. So for now I will just do what I can.

I will go to work and focus on doing my job the best extent I can, constantly seeking ways to improve.

I will support those around me whether it’s through a clean house, a hot meal or just a sympathetic ear.

I will breath deeply and develop more patience.

I will continue to love unconditionally, even if that seems hard or impossible to do.


For those of you who know me well, I have for a long time not been a very religious person so it might seem strange to see me developing these habits now. However, I have had strong faith ever since I was a little girl and that continued on through out the years even though I’ve had my doubts and asked my questions and went my different ways. Let me get to the point by telling a short little story.

When I was younger growing up in my home was not always an easy thing. There were uncertain times and uneven roads, but there was always love. There were fights and arguments, mostly normal parental or familial arguments, etc. Occasionally though there were the ones that were really frightening, when as a kid I just didn’t know what might happen or what do. When I was truly afraid or lost a child I used to sing a little song that I learned from these Christian children’s videos I loved as a kid. Now looking back at them they are silly and a little strange, but that one little song got me through so much as a kid. I can remember quite a few times sad, afraid and unsure like the little kid lost in the woods was who sang this, I would drift off to sleep singing my little song and eventually things would always get better.

Life is a little rocky right now, but I have faith that, even if I can’t control it or fix it myself, if I remember what my little song taught me as a child even if I’m not sure who I’m sing it too I can always go to sleep knowing that when I wake up things will eventually start to get better.

“I cast all my cares upon you
I lay all of my burdens down at your feet
And any time I don’t know
What to do.
I just cast all my cares upon you.”