Sorry I haven’t shared anything recently. We’ve been busy with our new little life and to be perfectly honest I often need to learn the virtue of knowing when to hold my tongue.

There are a lot of little things going on in my life or around it that I have very adamant opinions about. However, after reflection the best thing that I can do on many fronts is to keep those opinions to myself. The sharing would do more harm than good.

This why I haven’t written in a while. I did not want to risk writing about something I would regret later.

So rather I will share my Warm Fuzzies for today.

I am thankful…
… for the two people who will be joining my family on Saturday.
… for mystery novels and hot baths.
… for good jobs and new jobs.
… for all the new and wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to work with this year.
… for the makers of the X-Box 360, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dr. Pepper, Extreme Flavor Blast Goldfish and Darrell-Lea Soft Licorice in Strawberry and Raspberry.
… for our new church.
… for cheap airfare to Iowa.
… for good health and returning health.
… for hardworking husband-persons.
… for two days off in a row starting on Sunday.
… for the best quote of today being “Uh-oh I hear ominous cello music…. this can’t be good.”

I hope you have a few things to be thankful for too.