In honor of all the new people joining my family on Saturday and my dearest friend getting married in two weeks I thought I’d reminisce a little and go through my own wedding photos!
If I could impart a little knowledge to the three beautiful brides it might go a little something like this.

Repeat after me…. “I will not trip, I will not trip, I will not trip.”

*My father was in fact saying “Don’t trip… don’t fall”
Don’t be afraid of letting the crowd know just how excited you are!

*yes I might have really said something akin to “Woohoo” right here….

Be ready for the shock of quadrupling the size of your family… you might need note cards.

*”That’s a lot more than 5 Christmas Cards…”
Place cake stand below eye level.

*also having a full range of motion in your arms helps… this was about as far up as mine could go.

Just because you made that promise about not smooshing the cake doesn’t mean you actually have to go through with it.

*He was on his best behavior and I was in so much trouble for breaking the cake smooshing truce.

But just to be safe have the “innocent look” ready to deal with cake smooshing aftermath.

Enjoy that first dance… even if the snack shop dude couldn’t care less .

*I have no fewer than 40 photos of this dance and that kid never moves an inch.

Deal with it… your new husbands going to do something to embarrass you.

* yep… that ones all mine ladies… crazy face and everything…

Have fun… it’s your party!

But most importantly take the time to savor the day.

I hope it will be as special for each of my newly wedded cousins as it was for me.


*Forget “dance like no one’s looking” instead dance like this kid on a sugar rush!

*We call this move “The Velociraptor”