“Should I become a librarian?” – This the most searched for phrase that people come to my little blog for, typically getting routed to my “Maybe I should just be a librarian” post.

Well, I’ve always been one for signs, believing that if you are truly meant to do something you will receive some kind of sign when it is right to do so and I can’t help but wonder if this might not be a little sign. So to begin, if you are finding my post because you are searching for an answer to this question here is my answer. YES!!! The world needs good people dedicated to life-long learning who can inspire a love of knowledge and reading to any age group or demographic of people! If you think it could be the path for you than do it!

Now that I’ve answered the question for others I feel that I can share my own ponderings. As I’ve shared before I love my job and my line of work, but have recently come to the realization that it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, at least in it’s current capacity. So I’ve been slowly researching other possibilities.

Let me clarify for those who don’t know me that well. I worked in the wonderful business of professional theatre. I work backstage in a wardrobe department and this means that I “run” shows (do all those quick changes, take care of ripped pants, etc.), do sewing repairs, do LOTS of laundry and most importantly help the actors do their work believing that a good dresser is invaluable to an actor. However much I enjoy this right now the pay is not and never will be great and it can be a difficult job to navigate having to deal with so many rules and personalities. It is a surprisingly physically taxing job depending on the show and though the good usually outweighs the bad, it can often be rather thank-less.

I am gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience and one of my dreams for years down the road is that I can return to my home state (better known for it’s corn than it’s culture) and share my experiences and bring a little entertainment and culture to people that don’t normally have access to it. In fact I have many friends from college out in the big theatre world across the country who are working in big cities and for well-known companies with the same intent. My heart races every time I think of the possibilities even thought it’s still a distant dream.

Here’s the monkeywrench in the whole operation, I didn’t originally get into my field to do what I am doing. My original intent was to be a teacher. I love teaching in so many ways, but it was not meant to be while I was in college and while I have a “Theatre for Youth” degree along with my “Techincal Theatre” degree I never took the time to get a teaching certificate for many reasons that I won’t get into now (Though there is a very amusing story about being confused for a new student on my first level of student teaching experience).

Though I went on to pursue different aspects of the theatre I never really lost that love for connecting with students. Currently, as I’ve shared in a previous post, a group of 7th graders who perform in one of my shows have been adamant about receiving what I’ve taken to calling “Half-way History Lessons” – Short history lessons given when I’m with them during intermission and little afterwards. In a month we’ve covered bits and peices of the Civil War, the American Revolution, The Boston Tea Party, The True Macbeth, King Henry VIII and his wives, the Salem Witch Trials and for the next show they’ve asked me to cover Theatre History. Everyday that we do these mini-lessons (I have even started to do homework and print out facts for them) the rave about them, find me whenever the can during the show begging me to ask them one more question and repeatedly ask me “Molly, why aren’t you a teacher!?”

This phrase just pulls on my heart strings as a huge part of me still wants to do this. I want to do something that can help inspire knowledge like this on a regular basis. I know that whatever career changes I make I will find a way to incorporate my theatre training and love of it to kids. So after much debate in my own head I’ve narrowed possible career changes down to three options. The roads to either would require going back to school and to do so I will have to further figure out how to adjust my life, work, etc., so for now this is only the preliminaries. The reason why I’m putting this out there in the great big electronic world is that I want opinions whether you know me in person or have just been following my little blog to help guide me, perhaps give me a sign.

So without further ado here are my three options with a little information on why each appeals to me and a few of the cons of the prospect:

1. History teacher- grades 7 – 12 – I have a life-time love with history and have always had a knack for explaining and making the topics interesting. Cons – a lot more school, not only teaching certification classes, but a whole range of history classes.

2. Youth librarian – any age range – I grew up in libraries as my grandmother was a children’s librarian and this seems like the perfect combination of so many of my joys and interests. Cons – 2 year Masters Degree program, of which the state I’m currently in does not offer anywhere, i.e. Out of State Tuition or wait awhile until I move again and gain residency in a state that offers a MLIS degree.

3. English teacher – grades 7 – 12, focusing on Literature (rather than just basic English instruction). This is an obvious choice stemming from my theatre experience. This field would also allow me to do a little bit of everything I love. Cons – While the teaching certificate and required classes would not be a problem, the technical aspect of teaching English (grammar, spelling, etc.) has never been a strong point.

So now that I’ve opened up this can of worms I wait eagerly to here your opinions whether you know me beyond this little bit of cyberspace or not. I have even included a poll on the right, if you don’t want to leave a comment!

Thank you!

p.s. I regret to inform those who are looking for it that the options of pirate, ninja and assistant to traveling Time Lord will not be offered on this poll.