Well, it’s not much of a count but I’m on day two of my very long break from work and oh it’s nice. Closing of the shows was quite nice. I was “appreciated” by a good number of my actors
and combined with a surprising last work check (who knew I had vacation time?) am feeling quite comfortable with the prospect of not really working for a little while.

As I told Ben the other night, this is quite possibly the first time I’ve really had off since I started college so about eight, almost nine years. If you look at it from a “work” stand point I have been working for 11 years in at least a part time capacity (since I was 15)… if only all of that was full time I’d be half way to retirement! It’s a nice feeling to have some real down time for once. Having never gone on “Spring Break” and constantly having a job, I’m looking at this as my first real vacation since high school!

That being said I still have a house I’m trying to get cleaned and in order before Saturday when I travel back to the mid-west for some family time and a little school related research. But I’ve been entertaining myself while cleaning and organizing with British romantic literary drama’s via Netflix. And upon my return I do have a nice stack of reading to keep me occupied when I get back and a few shelves full of things just waiting to be made into Christmas presents!

It’s also day two after my dearest friends wedding, which I couldn’t not attend and distressed me to no end. I can’t wait for another day or two to pass so that I can call her up and have our first conversation both as married women. I know it sounds selfish but I have such a list of things I want to tell her and discuss (she’s wonderful for a nice attentive discussion!) that I’ve put on the back burner as to not risk detracting from her wonderful wedding. We’re both playing housewife this winter as we wait for contracts to start up again and I just know this will generate so much to share!

Anyways, I’ve also started other little web-pages to keep my mind occupied. I have one, The New Domestics (the old name of this blog) that will get update ever now and then with writings on topics I find relevant and Just Simply Reads which will be were I can share my opinions on whatever I’m reading as I can’t seem to go more than a week without uttering the phrase “I’ve got something great you need to read!”

Hope everyone else is enjoying a nice week so far!