My mother recently brought me my scrapbook that was made after I graduated high school. I spent the evening looking at it and thought I’d share some of it’s embarrassing highlights!

1. My mother put alot of strange things on my head.

P.S. I was obviously a very small baby… that would be a face towel almost covering me head to toe.

2. This picture explains a lot about the relationship between my cousin and myself (I’m the blond one cowering in fear).

P.S. Jen – I’m teaching my kids to fight back!

3. Around the age of six I stopped liking to smile in pictures and learned what is known through out the country as “That Look”
4. I was always the life of any party!

P.S. My husband would like it to be known that I still make this face on a regular basis.

5. Age’s 11 – 18 should be referred to as “The Adventure’s of Chicken-Legs-McGee” and then quickly forgotten.

P.S. Eventually I did stop listening to my mother when she told me to tuck in my shirt all the time and I think that blotchy thing on my left leg is the infamous hockey puck shaped bruise from playing floor-hockey in gym class that convinced my parents they shouldn’t encourage me in sports.

5. This still might be the best photo sequence in the history of man-kind.

Hope you enjoyed!