Oh, I’m back in sweet southern Oregon. Back with the husband and the cats, but except for that it’s not where my heart is at the moment.

I went home for the first time of really being at home in about two years. We stopped by on our cross-country trek for a few days last January and I was home for my wedding a year and a half ago; about two years ago was a Christmas trip home for a week, but was also filled with wedding stuff, that fall previous was filled with moving preparation and the summer trip home before that was wedding stuff and moving prep too. For those of you I’ve lost I’ve tracked back to May 2008 and none of these visits ever last more than a week. January 2008 (before work and the real world took over) was the last long period of time I’ve had in my home state, let alone my home town.

As I stated in my last post a lot has changed since then, not only in my own life but in my town as well. I’ve gone out and explored the world quite a bit and am now feeling the pull to go back to something a little more familiar.

I was always afraid that if I stayed in Iowa and never left than that is exactly what would happen. I’ve seen it happen to too many people, they stay where they are comfortable until the rest of world starts to look too big and frightening and then they never leave. I’ve left and now feel like if I go back home I won’t be trapped.

I also left to travel the country to escape quite a few things and have put much time and distance between me and those people and memories. But now I’ve found I’ve grown up, I’m a new person. My family has even matured and I feel it growing into something it should have been a long time ago.

And then there are the list of things that I’ve never found anywhere else. The sense of history. The sense of space. The way the air feels. The sky and the never ending horizon that I feel is freeing. The way you can drive anywhere.

The trip was fantastic and much needed, but has left me with a lot to think about. There’s still a lot to do and accomplish out here in Oregon, but I feel like there’s a tug at my elbow coming from the east.