I got this idea from Elizabeth over at That Married Couple. I’m going to write about things I’ve learned during my first week of “Housewife-ness”.

1. House-Wife-ness. This is my first week of “housewife-ness” and so far it’s been great. I know not a lot of people would consider spending copious amounts of time at home with no car and no company fun, but I have! Of course I think it’s just fueling my anti-social tendancies.

2. Do I really need to do that? – I find myself seconding guess a lot of my normal impulses. If I want the car I have to be willing to spend about an hour and a half in it, not including any time to use it for what I want to do. If I take the car it takes 20 mins to take Ben to work and then is a 20 minute drive home, then another 40 minutes to pick him up again and get back home at night. Not only does that take a good chunk of time, but also gas, so some days it’s just not worth it so that I can drive around if the urge hits me.

3. Planning – So that I’m not wasting precious resources and time I’m planning a little bit more. “Well I could do traveling chore X, Y and Z on different days or I could just get it all done on one day … ooh that gives me more time to do A, B, and C when I get to stay home!” At this point I think I might be becoming one of those homemaker-pod-people, but then I remind myself there’s nothing wrong with using our resources (time, gas, money) wisely, especially since my staying at home this winter means a small income for a few months.

4. Planning Part 2 or “Oh my gosh this place never gets clean!” – So that I don’t feel like a homemaking-pod-person I’ve divided up my “housework” back into chore lists like I used to get when I was a kid. All the days of the week have specific chores to be done. It might seem a little lazy but I think it’s good. I’m not spending days on end just trying to deep-clean everything after I’ve let it go too long (a tendency of mine) and I know that if we were to have company the house is closer to being ready to be seen by other people. For a selfish reasons it’s also so I don’t feel chained to the house all the time; now I can look at my list and “Today’s Monday, there’s a lot to be done and I just don’t want to do it all right now, but as long as I do X, Y, and Z the house will be in good shape.”

5. Acceptance – Yep, not everyday is going to be perfect, sometimes I won’t get everything done, sometime your entire make up case will fall into the toilet, sometimes I’ll just feel like spending the morning playing Civ and sometimes dinner will be freezer pizza and that’s okay.

6. Appearance – It only took one day for me to realize that even if only one person saw me that day I didn’t want to look like I had spent my whole day at home. So I delved a little further into the homemaker-pod-person mentality and have started trying to look a little nicer when Ben gets home. Most days he’s gone a solid 12 hours and we only get about 3 hours together, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why I’d like to make that time count a little more.

7. A little more “me” and a little more “you”– Okay, I’m not going to lie, my self imposed housewife-ness is also to give myself a nice break and it’s been great to spend a little more time for me. There’s a stack of books to be read and projects to be done and the best thing is that I have time during my 12 hours at home by myself to do these things. It’s nice to feel that when Ben gets home for those few hours that I don’t have the need to take some if not most of that time for myself. This happens when I’m working as I work full 12 hours long days too and during that time I often just wanted to come home and go right to a hot bath and book and by the time I had relax a little we were both ready to go to sleep. Now when Ben comes home it’s easy to make that time about us and put down the computer or the knitting or the book. I know, I know I’m becoming a pod-person, but it’s kind of nice.

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