Okay so in true “Homemaker-Pod-Person” form I’m probably attempting to do way too much in the next 36-48 hours. But hey! I just successfully made from scratch Thin-mint cookies from the Martha Stewart magazine… this means I can do anything!

Here’s a small list of what should happen-

Wednesday –
*Bake 2 pumpkin pies
*Bake raspberry jam nut roll
*Pepperoni Rolls
*Clean bathroom
*Clean bedroom
*Clean livingroom/dinning room
*Clean kitchen
*Double check supplies for Thursday
*One last Grocery store run, probably at around 10 p.m.
*Church service
*Make Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

Thursday –
*Breakfast – cinnamon rolls probably
*Cheesebread snacks + reheat Pepperoni Rolls
*That Turkey thing
*The rest of Thanksgiving dinner
*Setting and Decorating the Table
*Calling all the relatives
*Lots of movie watching and knitting
*Bake Peach coffee cake

…Phew that’s alot of stuff. I will admit that I’m adding alot this year because I promised to bake lots of goodies for Ben’s staff at work so that they’d have something to snack on while they’re at work all day on Black Friday. The peach coffee cake, thin-mint cookies and raspberry jam roll is all for them.

Yes, I’m crazy, but yes I am bound and determined to make this Thanksgiving quite amazing and because of this I’m sure Friday I’ll have some hilarious stories about how it all failed magnificently.