Remember when you were a kid and there was that ache that filled your bones as you anxiously waited for Christmas morning (or evening)? I feel a little like that right now as I try to implement my Holiday-in-stages ideas I talked about a few posts ago.

Though I’ve wanted to at least put up the light outside and hang the wreath on the door I’ve been adamant that I was going to wait, that no Christmas decoration was going up until December 1st. I’ll tell you now I’m itching, no aching to get those decorations started; part of me feels like a little kid again just because I’m making myself wait.

And guess what?

Tomorrow’s December 1st!!

All we’re going to do is string our light up outside and hang our wreath on the door and probably start to put away the Thanksgiving decorations, but I’m so excited!

I’m looking forward to slowly getting my home ready for the holidays so that when Christmas Eve rolls around it’s still new and fresh, so that we’ll have more of a reason to stretch our celebrations into the Epiphany season.

Tonight ended up being a wonderful way to kick off our season. We went and watched the new “A Christmas Carol” which was lovely and stunning and brought a tear to my eye, as that story always does. We listened to my Christmas Playlist on the way home, driving through our lit up downtown. The valley just seemed to be filled with that same sense of anticipation I felt as well and it just fed my soul.

Anyone else out there drawing out their holiday season? Do you have that same sense of child-like anticipation or is it just me?