1. Thanksgiving Dinner – I am especially surprised at how long we’ve managed to stretch our leftovers. We should get one more complete meal out of them tomorrow and I think I’m going to have to give in and send Ben to work with that other pumpkin pie that we haven’t even started on yet. This is especially great because I’m trying too be even more frugal until February and I don’t have a shopping trip scheduled until next Friday. Yes, I schedule grocery shopping; twice a month on Fridays, with small trips for milk and other small necessities. Doing this has greatly cut down on grocery related expenses this year!

2. I’m getting way to comfortable staying at home for long stretches at a time. I don’t have the desire to have the car any more. Any urges to go out thrifting or doing anything related to money gets second guessed… multiple times when you’re a good 20 minute walk away from anything worth going to.

3. That being said, I do have to do that 20 minute walk tomorrow to drop of the electric and internet bill tomorrow (why use a stamp when they’re that close of a walk) and I will enjoy going to my downtown and walking through some of the stores, maybe getting something for the holidays. I also have a gift certificate for the locally owned bookstore that needs to be used! It feels like a treat.

4. This week marked my first time volunteering at my library. It was great, I spent three hours finding books and working on little projects and helping one little girl figure out which Laura Ingalls Wilder book she was looking for. At this I have to say I was shocked that her “Ashland-yuppy-hippy mother” not much old that myself didn’t know that “Little House in the Big Wood” was the first of the series. Come on it’s a classic of children’s literature! I also helped a wonderful “Ashland-yuppy-hippy mother” who was encouraging her artistically minded son (home schooled of course) by assigning him a research project on a famous artist… the boy was no more than 7 and totally engrossed by this day in the library. Sadly we figured out that the children’s section probably wouldn’t have too many books on Salvidor Dali, as his life was a little… lets say strange and that her son seemed okay with learning about his other favorites for the time being. She was relieved to find out that the limit for her sons’ library cards was 60 books each and went home with two bags of books; she must have had around 30.

5. I’m getting too good at my cleaning schedule. As Ben put it the other day, “the house is becoming nicer, cleaner; in a permanent sort of way”. Since I’ve been on “holiday”, let’s call it, I’ve organized most of the house and have had less and less to do each day. It’s wonderful and I really feel like I’m starting to appreciate the virtue of clean house. Hopefully I can find away to keep up like this when I return to work.

6. These things are my new saving graces. Netflix on-demand movies on my computer giving me distractions like Masterpiece Theatre’s “Wuthering Heights” and “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. And a long list of podcasts on Itunes including, This American Life, A Prairie Home Companion, The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and even (as I continue learning more about this new side of my life/family) American Catholic Radio.

7. I still need to find more time to sit down and read, but I’m making a lot of handmade stuff for Christmas and that’s keeping me from it. However my reading list still dwindling and I’d love any suggestions. Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. I’ve also started to keep track of my reading over at Just Simply Reads as a way to share my love of books.

From Conversion Diary.