However, I rather proud of this idea.


1. Go to Target or Craft Store, buy really cute cut-out felt ribbon.

2. Go to the Goodwill, buy a set of wooden pants hangers.

3. Cut said ribbon into equal peices.

4. Secure with pants hanger on top and bottom.

5. Hang on wall and enjoy instant Christmas Artwork.

I’m apparently making a new tradition of having something to put between these hangers. Normally it houses This and over Halloween it housed This.

I’ve also been rocking out the Christmas Crafts and have knit 4 hats in 6 days! Two of what Ben calls the “best hat ever” and two berets. I still have a stack of other items that I’m making, though I don’t want to give anything away, if you’re related to me you’re probably getting something handmade this year and I really hope it all turns out well. I’ve been wanting to do a handmade Christmas for years and I’m excited that it’s finally happening.