Sorry, but this week has been rather tame so this weeks Quick Takes are a little random!

1. There is at least a 30% chance of precipitation for the next 10 days. Friday and Saturday are still standing at 60% and 70% respectively. Though my insanity in this has already been pointed out, I want snow! I grew up too long in the Midwest and my sense of the holidays is just incomplete without snow.

2. I still have a stack of 30+ Christmas Cards to send out… I’ve already sent around 25 at least. I need to get this done soon so I can share our Christmas Card photo. Apparently people have been awaiting our Christmas Card eagerly this year after last years (seen below). This years is even better!

This picture was snapped while we were preparing for the mini-photo shoot.

*Flour on it’s own, tastes disgusting*
*I know because most of the flour he threw at me got in my mouth*

3. We’ve decided that we foresee the future of the Walter Christmas Card requiring more and more work as the years go on, as we’ll have to trump each year. We foresee months of planning and production meetings.

4. Accessable Counters + Curious Cat + The Last Brownie =

7. I’m giving my self until January 1st not to think about “the future”. There are a lot of things up in the air as to what we want to do with the next couple years of our lives and I’m determined not to think about them until the new year. Wish me luck!

5. I had a wonderful conversation with the bestest girl-friend in the world about how I’m getting a little too into this whole homemaker podperson thing. It’s suiting me more than I would have guessed. I admitted that one of my proudest moments of the last couple years was my Thanksgiving dinner and wondered if that might mean something. She told me this was a little scary. I agreed.

I also a wonderful conversation with the bestest girl-friend in the world about how she’s enjoying her first foray into homemaker podperson-ness. It’s suiting her more than she would have guessed. She told me this was a little scary. I agreed.

Then we decided that it was okay.

It’s nice having someone on the same page as you in so many respects; even if they are stealing your life.

6. “Bestest Girl-friend in the World” has been stealing my life for about the last two years or so. In general we’re quite different. She thinks things through; I’m prone to rushing in head first. She’s calm and collected; I’m a little fireball of energy. But then she meet The Actor, which was funny because Ben is also an actor. That’s when things started to get weird.
They met, had an instant attraction. He’s got a wicked sense of humor, drinks only “good beer”, acts and is a big nerd. Only one problem, he was in a long term relationship with a girl named Elizabeth. He ended relationship and immediately the two started dating. It only took about 6 months for the M word to officially enter into their vocabulary. They move a big city which doesn’t suit them and within/a little over 2 years from the beginning of it all they were married.
Now she is married, playing homemaker and trying to figure out what to do with her life.
Sound familiar?
I love you dearly A. but you’re still stealing my life.

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