Okay… so around Thanksgiving I did manage to finish something for myself and have been wearing it non-stop. It’s warm, it’s wonderful. I’ve been told in makes me look “British”. It’s perhaps the best hat I’ve ever had, I’ve even worn in to church.

*apologies for the black and white, it was late, I had no makeup on and the bathroom lighting was being especially harsh*

It’s been especially handy as I’m growing my hair back out… again and don’t want to get in cut every couple of weeks.

*no, my posture isn’t that bad, it’s how I had to hold the camera*

I’m making myself another one in black for work as soon as Christmas is over (or at least when the hand made portion is complete).

The pattern is the Monste Beret found on Ravelry. It only took me about a day of knitting to complete, or rather about 2 Masterpiece Theatre viewings of “Wuthering Heights” and a few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”.

P.S. Whoever clicked “Been There” on my slight-marriage-soap box post below, let me know who you were! I’d love to know who’s also “been there” when confronted with things like that. =)