1.  Okay, okay I said I wasn’t going to do it, but I started thinking about the future this week and it’s totally, 100% Ben’s fault.  He knows I like to plan, and make lists, and cross things off those list and change the plan and make a new lists into an unending horrible planning type cycle, yet he still asked me while we were at dinner a few nights ago if I had given more thought into the future.  And of course, I started rattling off all the decisions I had started to make without officially thinking about them our making them.  He should have known better, so for lack of really exciting things to post about today here’s a basic run down of “The Plan”.

2.  Time Frame – 2 – 3 years.  We hope to have completed or be on our way to completing most of the list in 2 to 3 years.

3.  Moving – Didn’t we just move?  Yes we did.  Then how can we possibly be thinking of moving again?  Easy, we love being out in the world and see new things and experiencing new places, but we don’t currently have jobs that allow us a lot of travel time or funds to do said traveling.  So for a while now we’ve known that moving back to Iowa would be in our future and it is.

4.  Family – One of the reasons for moving is family, and that itself is two-fold.  We want to be closer to our families and most of them are in the Midwest.  He comes from a large family and misses being around them and I come from a very small family, which not to toot my own horn, but makes me rather important to my folks and grandparents as either the only or one of two children/grandchildren around.  We also would like our own family to expand within the time frame and want to make sure that our families will get to be a part of that.

5.  Work – As I said before, if we lived where we do but had jobs with more vacation time and better salaries we might not be so keen to move again, but alas we don’t.  We have good, nice jobs that are doing just fine for us, but we want a little bit better.  We’ve also come to realize that better work will allow us to achieve more of what we want than in our current fields.  We’re not extravagant people but we want just a little bit better than what our current situation can allow.  We also aren’t seeking “careers” but rather good work that will support us and our family and give us the opportunities to experience what we want in life.  Moving back will give us these opportunities.

6.  Education – Yep it’s decided that for both of us, in order to give us these opportunities we need to expand our educations a little bit more.  Ben is still deciding what he wants to do, so we’ve decided that the next couple years will be for me to finish what I see the last step in my education.  Being back in Iowa will make this more affordable and will give us the ready support of our families.

7.  So yes, the list might be a little vague, but I’m still adamant about not working on any of the details before the new year.  This is going to take a lot of planning and preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly.  But for now we will continue to enjoy our life as it is, which isn’t half bad.

And so I leave you with the reveal of this years Christmas Card Picture.“They always knew how to get in to the Christmas Spirit down at the Ol’ Walter place”

If I don’t get to say it before next week –

Merry Christmas From The Walter’s

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