Just a quick note.  As I mentioned here I needed to go to the post office like none other.  I have, I’m back and I don’t want to do that again for at least another year.

Not only was I the only one that hadn’t pulled on their North Face Jacket over their yoga pants i.e. I was dressed up by Ashland standards (which means my hair was done, I had a little jewelry on and was not wrinkly).

I think I amused people by sitting off to the side with a large plastic container full of presents playing an odd game of Tetris with flat-rate shipping boxes and later standing in line kicking the container down the line all while sealing a stack of Christmas Cars about 4 inches tall.

Someone remind me next year that gift cards are our friends…

Yours Truly,

The Only Person Who Gets Dressed Up To Go To Play Post Office Tetris