Tonight I sent my husband two text messages while he was at work; it went something like this.

Message #1

“What do you think would happen if you put the Narnia Wardrobe inside the TARDIS?”

Message #2

“P.S. Can you pick up a pizza or something for dinner?”

I’m strange, and I’m grateful for having someone in my life that accepts me and my nerd-reality altering conundrums and is willing to get pizza when I don’t want to cook.

Also, I’d like to state that I have yet to top his ultimate strange phone related question which was as follows:

Me:  Hi, what are you doing?

Him:  I’m in line at WalMart buying underware.

Me:  Um, okay.  Well anyways-

Him: Have you ever been in line to buy underwear and wondered how many people in line to buy underwear aren’t wearing underwear?

Me:  I’m going to go now.

I guess we’re both lucky.