Saturday was the pitts let me tell you.  It was one of those wonderful days when you wake up and suddenly you just feel horrible; really down in the dumps.  It was a combination of things, a little homesick for the holidays, a little “I’m not getting out of my house enough” and a generous helping of “No one likes me, everyone hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” kind of feelings.

Ever had one of those?  Days were no matter what all you can seem to focus on is every little thing you’ve done wrong in life?  They’re douzies let me tell you.

Well, I think I have a cure.

Step 1:  Step away from the computer, scrapbook, or whatever else might be fueling this.

Step 2:  Get out of your house.

Step 3: Do something that’s not about you.

Yep, cure your blues by not focusing on you.

Saturday just happened to be this weeks volunteer time for the Library.  So even though I felt like drowning my sorrows in a sea of self pity and Dr. Pepper.  I got my nice clothes on, bundled up and walked down to the Library and spent three hours shelving books.  And I was on fire, I got the entire cart of non-fiction put away, also the dvd’s/VHS reorganized, pulled the entire pull list.

By the time I went home I realized that everything I moping about earlier had gone away, it didn’t matter and was all back to the “trivial-in the past” part of my brain.  No, I didn’t resolve anything, but that didn’t matter nothing I was thinking that morning had any real resolution.  It was all stuff that I can’t change anyways.

I can’t change the past, but for a couple hours I could make sure that the entire section on Amphibians is in its correct order.