Right Now I Am –

Eating : Bacon… yup just bacon

Listening to: “Razia’s Shadow: A Musical” by Forgive Durden.  It is amazing, just stunning.  I dare you to listen to “The Missing Piece” and not want to grab your loved one and dance across the floor like an Indie-Rock Fred and Ginger.

Thinking of: how I would make “Razia’s Shadow” into a complete theatrical experience without changing or having to add anything to it.

Working on: A bunch of different projects, all for me now that the holidays season is over.  Mainly small embroidery projects to decorate my barewalls and more hats!

Waiting for: Ben to get home and my last Christmas present to arrive (Grey hi-top Chucks).

Planning: All the errands I need to run tomorrow.

Thinking:  It’s been a good day.