Happy New Years!

This weeks Quick Takes is all about that horrible word associated with January 1st – Resolutions.

1. Health –

  • I need to get on the wagon about my soda intake and get the the Sugar/Caffeine Monster off my back.  I’ve done it before and fondly remember the 10 lbs I lost without trying once I did.
  • I need to also get back on the fruit/vegetable route – hopefully we’ll finally be signing up for a CSA share this year and that should help.
  • Add more meat-less recipes to my repertoire.

2. Mind –

  • Work steadily at the 2010 booklist – I read just under 20 books in 2009 and I would love to get that number over 25 in 2010 so about 2 books a month.
  • Look into taking a class or two to get my mind back into shape for returning to school

3. Work –

  • Don’t take on more than I’m originally assigned this year… period
  • Keep going with Library/ASPIRE programs.

4.  Finances –

  • Have currently paid off 6% of extraneous i.e. non-school loan debt (not too bad in 3 months, 2 of which we’ve been a single income family) since I started recording Oct. 2009, by Dec. 31 2010 I will have it up to 75% minimum.
  • Have 3k. minimum in savings account by Dec. 31.
  • Open either a retirement account or savings account for a house
  • Don’t be as stingy with money.  We’ve got big financial dreams this year, but we also have the ability to enjoy our new incomes.  Things like movies and date nights will be enjoyed more often.

5. Home –

  • Get a cleaning “schedule” down for both of us.  We know we can keep the house clean, we just have to find the best way to do it when I go back to work full time in February.
  • Get a few other real pieces of furniture – chest of drawers, dvd case, shelving for work room, another bookcase.
  • Get real silverware and dishes.

6. Family & Friends –

  • Call family more … period.
  • Call/Write to friends more … period.
  • Work on that “family” thing 😉
  • Go out more with people from work.
  • Continue to make more non-work related friends.

7.  Fun –

  • Vacation – I swear we will take some kind of vacation this year, just Ben and I.  Ideas are currently – trip to Portland, Camping along the Oregon Coast.
  • More Hiking and Adventures – Gold Beach Area, Lava Beds, Oregon Caves, etc.
  • Concerts at Britt Festival

Do you have any big plans for the next year?